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6 Signs You Should Get New Socks from Bamboo Sock Manufacturers

Socks are basic. Everyone owns at least a pair of themThese versatile pieces of clothing can be worn in formal or casual events, whether you are turning in for sleep or going out to work, or wherever life may take youThey are with you most of the time, but just like anything else, they also have an expiry date. One day, you will have to lay your favourite pair to rest. How do you know when it’s time?  

Throwing out old socks is all too common,  especially if you use the same pair almost all of the time. We do reach a point when we have to replace our socks. This article explores several signs indicating that you should get a new pair of socks from bamboo fabric manufacturers.  

These signs should be obvious, right? Not quite. Some people are oblivious to these signs either because they don’t know what to look for or they are too attached to a pair that they are subconsciously unwilling to throw them out. But keeping socks that have gone way past their due date is actually dangerous. You might be asking: 

Why do I need to Replace my Socks? I can still Wear them just Fine. 

Old, moldy socks are exactly that—old and moldy. Socks made from natural fibres like cotton are vulnerable to moulds that can attract bacteria. The fibres in polyester socks also trap bacteria in when worn for extended periods of time. The problem even exacerbates if proper cleaning processes are overlooked.  

Not to mention the hassle of having to pull them up every time loose socks slide down your shins. These old socks have obviously lost their original elasticity and must therefore be replaced. Convenience and health are both compromised. So, do you still want to stick with your old pair of socks?  

Here are some tell-tale signs that you need new ones as soon as possible:  

The Colors have Faded. 

Socks come in many designs and colors. From plain black socks to neon graphic socks, there seems to be an endless stream of options when it comes to choosing your socks. Socks usually are made with raw materials which are dyed and coloured in manufacturing. 

Depending on the bamboo sock manufacturers, colouring jobs could vary from low to high-quality finished socks. If you end up buying from a sock manufacturer that practices subpar production process, then you can expect to be replacing your socks every six months or so. The biggest sign is if the once bright and vivid colors have turned pale, or if the graphic designs have chipped away or deteriorated completely.  

There are Signs of Discolouration 

Trudging on the same themes as the previous case, discolouration is also a sign of wear. If your socks have completely changed colour due to stains that weren’t eliminated completely, then perhaps it’s a good idea to dump them. Maybe you can save discoloured socks by strictly wearing them indoors. Even so, you now have a perfectly sound reason to buy new ones.  

The Socks No Longer Fit.  

Elasticity is a big factor when it comes to purchasing and wearing socks. Without elasticity, these socks run the risk of slipping down your shins or even your feet. Older socks tend to do this a lot. The more you wear socks, the more they get stretched and expanded. What good are socks if they don’t even fit you anymore, right? You don’t have to bear with this inconvenience. 

With new socks, especially those that are made from reputable bamboo sock manufacturers, you can freely move around without worrying about your socks slipping off. You also get better compression and better circulation with socks that fit just right on you.  

The Cushioned Areas are Thinning.  

Some socks nowadays often come with cushioning to soften the impact of everyday activities like walking, running, or exercising. These cushioned areas are great for support and offers a wealth of health benefits if worn right. With continued use, these areas can easily thin out, however.  

Some doctors require people to wear cushioned socks for better support. So if your doctor recommends wearing one, perhaps you should consider switching it up with a new pair. You may also look into socks that are equally as healthy like bamboo socks from many bamboo sock manufacturers in Australia. 

You Can No Longer Find the Other Pair.  

Socks come in pairs. The tragic part about it is that there is no guarantee that the pair will last forever. You can lose or misplace one and all of a sudden, you have a sock that simply looks out of place without the other match. You can match it with other socks that vaguely looks similar, but it’s just not the same. 

If you are the type who is particular about sock pairings, you should get a new pair and save yourself from the hassle. We understand that this might be wasteful, so here at Soles, we recommend buying several pairs of the same sock type and model. This way, if you lose one, you’ll have others that look exactly the same as the original pair. No one would even notice! 

There are Holes all Over. 

Every sock enthusiast knows the familiar pain of buying a fresh pair of socks only to find holes in them a few weeks or months later. You’re sure you don’t have rats running around your house and you also don’t recall poking holes in them in the first place. But they are there staring back at you like the impending end of an era.  

The other signs are faintly tolerable. For instance, you can always work around the fact that you lost a pair by pairing it with another similar-looking sock or go all-out and be creative about the pairing. But once holes start to show up, there’s almost always no turning back. It is the ultimate sign that you have to throw it out already.  

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Soles has a mission to provide sustainable bamboo fabric socks that benefits the health of the wearer and the world. We are an environmentally-conscious bamboo sock manufacturers that aim to provide eco-friendly alternatives to sock enthusiasts all over Australia. 

If you need to break into a new pair, now is a good time to check out our products at our sock shop. Browse through our socks and see the wonderful features that we offer. Get your long-lasting, anti-bacterial, and most of all, eco-friendly pair today! 

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