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What Are Pediatric Compression Socks?

Compression socks are beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and other ailments. These socks also promote all-around wellness by promoting proper circulation. Many adults have experienced the wonders of diabetic compression socks and many of them swear by their advantages. But did you know that there are also compression socks perfect for your kids?

These socks were originally manufactured for therapeutic reasons. But nowadays, young children can now experience the benefits of pediatric compression socks at an early age. These specialised socks are made for everyday wear and last for a long time, especially when made with the right materials. In this article, we are going to talk about all the things that you should know about pediatric compression socks.

Pediatric Compression Socks: What Are They?

Pediatric compression socks come in many forms and sizes, but their main purpose can also vary from one individual need to another. The core function of this type of compression socks is for compression therapy. Like their adult compression socks counterpart, these are great for applying pressure to the legs and ankles.

The science of compression socks lies in the compression action that allows the blood flow to be regulated and be evenly distributed throughout the body. The main difference that pediatric compression socks have is that they are made for smaller frames (that is, for children). Another difference is that the pressure they put on the legs and ankles are gentler compared to the standard ones.

How do they work?

Compression socks and stockings work by applying pressure to the wearer’s legs and ankles. This compression reduces the diameter of the major veins, which in turn increases the volume and velocity of the blood flow. This creates a steady flow that not only relaxes the wearer’s legs and muscles, but promotes their health for the long-term as well.

Are there some benefits?

As mentioned, the main benefit that a wearer can get from wearing compression socks is the improvement of blood flow. For children, the effect of wearing compression socks can highly vary. But in general, the following points are some of the major benefits of pediatric compression socks.

Specially made for children.

Most compression socks are targeted towards adults, but over the years, we have seen a growing market for pediatric compression socks. These specially-made socks are for children ages between 5 to 13. Unlike the typical compression socks, these socks are softer and made with materials that are gentler to the skin.

Adult wearers of compression socks sometimes complain about discomfort with materials that are not suitable for various skin types. But one material that has proven to be good both for adults and children is bamboo. Bamboo compression socks are becoming more popular now, so we highly recommend that you buy from shops that use this material.

Help children live normal lives.

There are children who suffer from rare disease or genetic illnesses that can really benefit from compression socks. Children who are diagnosed with diseases like primary lymphedema, for example, often experience chronic swelling. Wearing pediatric compression socks is one of the most effective ways to manage the symptoms of such disease.

The fact remains that a disease like primary lymphedema is just one of the many diseases that causes chronic swelling in children. With compression socks that are perfectly fitted, children suffering from such diseases now have a better shot at living normal lives. They are less worried about the swelling both from the internal pain and the external insecurities it might bring, and can now focus on what matters.

Perfect for sporty kids, too.

Pediatric socks are not only suited for children’s therapeutic needs. They are also extremely helpful for young aspiring athletes. These socks can protect their shins from the elements and provides comfort during intense matches. If you have a kid who is into sports, equipping them with compression socks during games can be beneficial.

Long-lasting investment.

Another upside to owning a pair of pediatric compression socks is that it can last for a long time. A typical concern is that kids might easily grow these out, but in reality, compression socks are highly flexible and versatile, making it a perfect sock for your growing child. Even if they do eventually grow these out, the socks will most likely still be good enough to be recycled.

Though this is generally true for most compression socks, there are other manufacturers who create them from cheap materials that cannot withstand the test of time. These materials are usually synthetic and easily break apart over time.

Not all pediatric compression socks are made equally.

Though compression socks have to pass a certain set of quality standards before being marketed out to the public, some low-quality socks still pass through the tests undetected. These are often made with synthetic materials which are not only irritating to the skin, but they are also not healthy for the environment.

Suffice it to say, not all pediatric compression socks are made equally. Some socks are better than others, but they also come with a hefty price tag. Risking your odds with a cheap pair can mean compression socks that do not compress at all.

On the contrary, there is a certain type of diabetic compression socks that strike the balance between quality and affordability – bamboo sock. Socks made from bamboo are relatively longer-lasting than socks made from other materials. Understandably so, bamboo fibres are extremely strong and hold well even in rough wearing. As always, we recommend that you choose where you buy from wisely.

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