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Sustainable Products That You Must Have Today

Humans produce about a hundred metric tonnes of waste each year. It is not a mystery that the number is that high considering how wasteful we are. Whenever you need water, you can easily buy one in convenient plastic bottles and throw them once you’ve quenched your thirst. If your phone no longer works, you can easily hop in to the store and buy a new one. These are just some of the examples that illustrate the need to switch to sustainability.

What is sustainability? Can products like bamboo fabric sustainable garment help us lead sustainable lives?

Sustainability pertains to efforts involved in maintaining or improving the current state of the environment, society, and economy. In this context, we will focus more on environmental sustainability which involves events, products, or habits that encourage the retention of our current environmental levels. Affecting this aspect of sustainability can have positive effects on the society and economy as well.

Are you planning to make the switch?

If you are planning to embrace a sustainable life, you need to have the commitment to stick to it for a long time. It takes a certain level of patience and dedication to make an impact to sustainability. Switching to a sustainable lifestyle can be a challenging and daunting move.

Thankfully, there are certain products that help make the transition easier and smoother. But first, take the time to learn about what makes a product sustainable in the first place. Here is our guide on finding sustainable products.

What makes a product sustainable?

Sustainable products support the movement by ensuring that they can protect the public health and the environment over their whole life cycle. From the extraction of raw materials to their final disposal, sustainable products remain safe to the environment. They decompose easily unlike plastics that harm the oceans and the wildlife.

If you want to join the sustainability movement, then here are five sustainable products that can help your transition:

1. Sustainable Utensils

Plastic is the biggest culprit in the degradation of our environment today. They take up to a hundred years to decompose and some plastic forms are not even recyclable. Plastic straws, plastic cups, and other plastic utensils are notoriously common all over the world, thanks to the rise of fast-food chains.

Right now, there are paper-made alternatives that aim to lessen the production of plastic. Paper straws and cups are better since they decompose easily and does not harm the wildlife. So when you have to choose paper or plastic, go for paper instead. Even better, you can also go for reusable metal straws that you can carry with you anywhere.

2. Energy-Efficient Smart Vehicles

Fossil fuel is another limited resource that is easily exploited through gasoline and diesel for our cars. We see vehicles chugging out harmful gasses almost every time we drive to work. Over time, these gasses get trapped in the atmosphere, eventually contributing to global warming.

Fortunately, many companies are now developing technology that allows vehicles to run solely on electricity. Soon, they can even be powered by solar energy. Though existing models come with a hefty price tag, they do make a good investment since the fuel it runs on is cheaper.

3. Ethical Electronics

When was the last time you changed your phone? The latest national statistic reported that on average, Australians switch to a new phone every two years even when their old one is still perfectly working. Phones contain plastic and other materials in them that hardly decompose even when dumped on a landfill.

To solve this issue, companies are experimenting on the marketability of modular phones that have removable parts. This way, users can replace the defective part with a new one instead of getting a new phone completely. Users can also customise their phones better with modular features.

4. Packaging-Free Toiletries and Products

Plastic is a formidable foe in the path to embracing a fully sustainable lifestyle. It’s everywhere – on your phone, utensils, food packaging, and even in the clothes you are wearing. Eliminating plastics in our lives may not be easy, but you can take small steps like purchasing packaging-free shampoos and other related products.

Instead of buying body baths in plastic containers, you can buy straight from a supplier. Just bring a reusable container where you can store your package-free toiletries. This healthy habit not only saves you money from the packaging, but it also saves the environment.

5. Bamboo Socks

Bamboo fabric sustainable garments have gained popularity over the years. The appreciation comes from the fact that bamboo fibres provide more comfort to the wearer over long periods of time. It is also very good at regulating the temperature, whisking away moisture so it keeps the wearer feeling fresh and dry.

One popular kind of clothing that takes advantage of the bamboo fabric sustainable garment is the bamboo sock. Manufacturers like Soles harness the benefits of bamboo-made socks for their diabetic and worker socks. These products are suitable for therapeutic and practical purposes.

These socks are also made with sustainability in mind. From sourcing and manufacturing to distribution, the socks are made with ethical practices that does not pose public or environmental harm. But describing it in words does not compare to the actual comfort you get when you wear it in person.

These are just some products that sounds farfetched in text, but are actually very accessible in real life. The only thing you need to do is to know how to find good sustainable products like these.

If you want to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, you can start with simple steps. Start with bamboo socks.

Bamboo fabric sustainable garment is not only comfortable to the touch, but they also protect the environment. Buying garments made of bamboo fabric is perhaps the easiest gateway to a sustainable lifestyle. Bamboo tops and pants are already common in the market. But if you are looking for bamboo socks, then you can rely on Soles to deliver.

Here at Soles, we believe in the benefits of sustainability. As such, we subscribe to the best practices in sustainability from the sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing of our products. Take part in sustainability today through our bamboo socks.

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