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7 Ways to Recycle Your Old Bamboo Cotton Socks

Bamboo cotton socks are among the most comfortable pairs of socks that one person can ever wear. But no matter how much you take care of it, these pieces of clothing do have a due date. They are durable, but like all things, they are susceptible to the effects of time.

Whether they get too old and saggy or lose a pair, the inevitable truth is that you cannot keep a pair forever. Fortunately, there are some ways to salvage them. Although it does not include wearing them again as socks, these tips can find new use and purpose for them. Here are some ways you can recycle your good old bamboo cotton socks:

Warm Up Your Legs

Perhaps the easiest way to revamp old and saggy socks is to turn them into leg warmers. This popular DIY trick is quick and easy. All you have to do is cut off the toe section of the socks, stretch the sock a bit, and sew the seams back together for a solid yet snug fit.

Leg warmers are great when winter season sets in and drives the chill right down our feet. At least with leg warmers, you can stand longer on snow-filled streets without freezing. Though snow is not typical amongst the majority of Australia. If you do happen to live in the regions where it does happen, at least you will be protected.

Turn It into Kitchen Rags

Do you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen? You might have found it frustrating to reach out for some rags only to find none! It can be frustrating, especially when you need the kitchen to be clean and tidy. This is where bamboo cotton socks can come in handy.

If you have got any spare socks lying around, make sure to clean them properly before turning them into kitchen rags. Cut the toes and cut vertically to turn it into a square shape. You can take this if you are satisfied, but you can also reinforce the other side with another sock.

Microfiber towels are all the rage in the kitchen nowadays. But rags made from bamboo cotton socks are just as equally absorbent. Even with age, good quality bamboo socks still retain some of its antibacterial properties. So, give it try and gain a new helper in the kitchen.

Clothing for Your Furry Friends

Have you got any pets? You might be one of those pet owners who love experimenting with different looks for their pets. If you nodded along, then this option is perfect for you. Bamboo cotton socks come in different shapes and colours. All you need is a sewing kit, measurements of your furry friend, a dash of creativity, and voila!

One pair of sock can go a long way. If you have got many, then even better! You can create sweaters, ties, scarves, and more out of just a few socks. You will save on money, plus your furry friend gets to look cute in his or her new outfit.

Cushion for Your Packages

Moving out can be a hassle and a source for worry. There is always a risk of items breaking with all the hauling and moving. Protect your items better with socks. These socks make the perfect cushion that can protect your items from bumps and other impact.

Be strategic about where you place the socks to get the full effect. Place rolled-up socks in between corners, extra gaps, and delicate areas to ensure the safety of your items. You do not have to spend on expensive cushioning materials when you have got enough disposable socks lying around.

Case for Smaller Game Pieces

If you have a shelf filled with board games, chances are you have had some pieces go missing. You might have misplaced them during one of your game nights or perhaps the children took it somewhere else. One thing is certain, a game night will never be the same.

Make sure the magic of a game night is still on by securing the pieces with a used sock. You can use socks to store and safekeep the game pieces for a long time. You may use them as is, but you can also sew some zippers on the opening to close them securely.

Creative Stubby Holder for Beverages

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you will know the struggle of finding the perfect stubby holder for your daily cup. It can also happen to when you are drinking beer. You wouldn’t want to be scorched by the hot coffee or have frozen fingertips from the ice-cold beer, do you? A stubby holder is the perfect solution to drink your favourite beverages with ease.

Skip the generic stubby holders that are too bulky for your cup. Make a creative one by taking the top section of your sock (ankle or calf part) and sewing off the edges to give it a clean look. You do not have to spend on stubby holders anymore. Plus, you get to save money.

Eco-Friendly Compost

Bamboo and cotton are two of the most biodegradable clothing material in the market today. It is very easy to make compost for your garden plants using old bamboo cotton socks. Shred the socks into tiny bits and add them to your mulch. It might take a couple of months for them to decompose, but they are very good for the overall health of your plants.

You find this hard to do, or perhaps you do not have a garden to make the compost. You still have the option to send your old bamboo cotton socks to recycling companies that can do it for you. These companies specialise in recycling the materials in a clean and green way.

Choose Your Bamboo Cotton Socks from a Reputable Shop

Although bamboo cotton socks are highly recyclable, you do need to have one that is made with the best quality materials. You might end up being forced to throw them out quickly if the quality is too poor. This is why it is also important to choose bamboo cotton socks that are made by reputable shops.

Get your bamboo cotton socks at Soles today. Enjoy the many benefits that it can bring you even after it has served its purpose as a sock!

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