Compression Socks in Australia

Where to Find Good Compression Socks in Australia

People wear compression socks for different reasons, whether it be for everyday comfort, improved performance in sports, or relief from circulation-related problems. These socks come in different strengths and sizes, and they can be found in different places too.

You must have come across this page looking for answers on where to buy your own pair.

Before buying one, you first have to consult your doctor and see which option works best for you. That’s especially if you have medical-related conditions. Whatever your needs are, there’s a range of compression socks in Australia you can choose from. We listed them down in this post for your guidance.

What Type of Compression Socks Are Available?

Compression socks are used for treating tired legs and swollen calves. They support healthy circulation, increase energy levels, and lower the risk of blood clots. These socks are beneficial for distance runners, diabetics, older adults, pregnant women, and those who work standing up for several hours a day.

Generally, there are non-medical socks for everyday wear and prescription compression socks for the treatment of circulation problems. You can be sure to find a suitable pair of compression socks whatever your needs are. But like any other product out there, you have to get them from reliable sources.

Doctor’s Prescription

If you need compression socks for medical reasons, your doctor will measure your legs and feet first to prescribe the right size and compression level for you. In addition to that, your doctor will provide instructions on how to put them on.

Whether you’re living with diabetes, arthritis, and other condition that causes pain in the lower limbs, you can get your compression socks prescription at reliable podiatry clinics. Often, podiatrists partner with sock suppliers offering medically-designed compression socks.

Surgical and Medical Supply Stores

If you’re looking for medical-grade compression socks in Australia, you can find them in various medical supply stores. These stores specialise in supplying medical garments, compression socks and stockings, orthopaedic braces, surgical supplies and all other rehabilitation products.

Whether you need anti-embolism stockings, thrombo-embolic deterrent (TED) hose or any other compression socks designed for after-surgery recovery, you can best bet that they’re available in medical supply stores.

Anyone with medical-related reasons for wearing compression socks can guarantee that they’re getting authentic socks from these stores. Medical-grade socks sourced overseas may not meet Australian requirements. So, for your peace of mind, turn to accredited medical supply stores only.

Drug Stores and Pharmacies

Another source of authentic medical-grade compression socks in Australia are drug stores. Medical supply stores and pharmacies are not the only places where you can get compression socks, but they’re always the go-to. You will not run out of options as there are drug stores in virtually every corner across Australia that are offering quality products.

If you are a first-time user of these casual compression socks, you can ask pharmacists on which compression level is best for your everyday needs. Although not harmful, compression levels of these socks can pose a risk if people wear them incorrectly.

With the help of a reliable pharmacist, you can get advice on which garment will feel comfortable for you and still provide that compression to prevent or relieve foot aches.

Online Stores

If you want to buy compression socks from the comforts of your own home, you can always turn to online stores. Today, there are a host of online stores selling innovative and eco-friendly compression socks in Australia. Of course, you have to do due diligence to ensure you’re getting a product that’s worth your money.

Research as much as you can and read up the materials used. How are the socks designed? Does it have convenience features like arch supports? Is it made of quality wool or any other fabric?

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask the seller about the product if it means making an informed decision when buying and getting your money’s worth.

Clothing Shops

For athletes and the sporty people out there, clothing stores that supply active wear and compression socks in Australia are your best friend. With so many clothing stores across the country, you will surely find one in your area in no time.

Make sure to choose socks that are breathable, comfortable, and equipped with both support cushions and moisture control fibres to get you through any running or sporting activity. You might want to check on the compression level, though. It may be uncomfortable if you go for compression socks with firm compression.

Considerations When Looking for Good Compression Socks

Wherever you decide to get your own pair of compression socks in Australia, you have to consider a few things.

• Which material is it made of?

• What are its features?

• Is it ideal for all kinds of weather?

• Does it provide full-length compression?

• Can it be worn under or over a normal sock?

• Does it have a durable design?

• Can it fit many leg sizes?

Quality – It doesn’t matter what your needs are. When looking for compression socks, you have to look for one that is of high quality. By quality, this means choosing socks that are scientifically designed to provide excellent foot comfort.

This is why it’s highly advised to check out medical supply stores and pharmacies for medical-grade socks. It’s guaranteed that their products meet Australian standards, so you can get socks that will last you a long time.

Material – As for casual and sports compression socks in Australia, you might want to check the material used. Synthetic socks look plain and are not sustainable. Why not opt for compression socks that are made of beautiful natural fibres like bamboo?

Convenience Features – Compression socks with added convenience features, like arch supports and reinforced heels, are a delight to use. You should consider buying your own pair with features that can guarantee comfort.

Eco-friendly and Comfortable Compression Socks for You

Here at Soles, we strive to provide compression socks in Australia that are comfortable and can last a long time. Our compression socks are made of bamboo, cotton, and Merino wool to ensure breathability, comfort, and durability. Feel free to check out our products today.

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