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Fantastic Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks for Sale

For people living with diabetes, poor blood flow and loss of sensation in their feet are often a struggle. Since diabetics have decreased sensation in their feet, they may not able to detect injury right away. Sores are also slower to heal due to poor circulation to the foot. This is why many diabetic socks for sale today can work wonders.

Diabetic socks are an essential part of foot care for people living with diabetes and its complications. They are designed to give foot protection to diabetics and help them avoid injury. If you or someone you know is living with diabetes, diabetic socks can give you many benefits.

In this article, we’ll look into the fantastic benefits that diabetic socks offer and who should wear them. Read on.

Who Should Wear Diabetic Socks?

It’s important to know how diabetes affects foot health. So, before we delve into the benefits of using diabetic bamboo socks, let’s first understand the problems associated with diabetes. These problems are mostly circulatory-related ones.

An increase in blood sugar levels decreases blood flow, hinders the immune system, and interferes with wound healing. People who experience changes in foot colour or temperature, nerve damage, irritation, fungal infections, and blisters would benefit tremendously from these socks. Those who have frequently moist or sweaty feet as well as decreased pedal pulse, linked to an increased risk of peripheral arterial disease, can also wear this type of sock.

Pregnant women who have gestational diabetes should wear diabetic socks as well. They have an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis, but can lower the risk of blood clots when they wear diabetic socks.

When uncontrolled, circulatory complications from diabetes could lead to amputation or, in worst cases, death. This is why diabetics are advised to wear diabetic socks. Wearing these socks are an easy way to help protect the feet from the complications of diabetes.

What Are the Benefits of Using These Socks?

With expertly designed features, these socks can help address foot issues associated with diabetes. These socks come with a number of benefits, including the following:

1. They prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

These socks have unique antimicrobial and antifungal properties. They are made of materials that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. As a result, they inhibit bad odour and foot problems caused by fungal and bacterial growth.

Some socks are made with silver- and copper-infused yarn, which are known for preventing the reinfection of athlete’s foot. Socks with antimicrobial and antifungal properties are perfect for diabetics. Without bacterial or fungal presence in their socks, their wounds won’t get irritated and infected from successive wear.

2. They wick moisture away.

Another benefit of wearing these socks is that your feet stay dry. These socks are often made of a moisture-wicking material which wicks moisture away from the foot. Some materials with excellent moisture-wicking properties include acrylic and bamboo fibres.

As sweat evaporates, the risk of fungal infections is lowered. This also prevents smelly feet. Do take note that the drier their foot, the more foot protection diabetics have. Diabetics are less likely to develop blisters and other wounds when their feet are dry.

3. They prevent injuries.

Diabetics can also benefit from socks with extra padding that help prevent foot injuries — a feature that diabetic socks especially excel at. Extra padding come in many forms, like extra-thick fabric, silicone gel or pads sewn in the socks. When looking for socks with extra padding, consider the padding type that matches the type of activity you do.

For example, if you stand for long periods, you have to choose socks with extra padding in the heel. If you jog, run or exercise often, choose padded socks with extra padding in the heel. If you play sports, like tennis or soccer, toe padding may be right for you.

4. They reduce cuts and blisters.

Most diabetic socks for sale today are seamless. They are designed without seams along the toe to reduce the risk of cuts, blisters and rubbing. This is especially helpful for people with neuropathy and high blood sugar, who develop foot ulcers from cuts, small blisters, and constant foot chafing. Some types of socks also have white soles that reveal bleeding and draining of a wound that are usually not felt by diabetics.

5. They provide superior feet comfort.

When it comes to providing feet comfort, diabetic socks are the best solution for diabetics with desensitised feet. Today, you can find socks made from fine-textured fabrics, like wool and bamboo. Apart from their antimicrobial properties, these fabrics are not abrasive against the skin.

Be sure to find a pair of socks that is made of fabrics or materials that reduce blister-causing friction and are very comfortable to the skin.

6. They improve blood flow.

As is the case with diabetics, their blood circulation is weakened. Any nerve damage could be dangerous as the patient is unable to detect injury. If you have advanced state of nerve damage, then it is only right for you to ensure that the affected areas in your feet are getting adequate blood.

It is fresh blood that carries oxygen to your blood vessels and nerves, keeping them healthy. When you wear diabetic socks, you can be sure that blood flow is not restricted. Ordinary socks, on the other hand, leave visible compression lines and cause moderate restriction around your feet.

Another thing about restricted blood flow caused by diabetes is that it is harder for you to keep your feet warm during winter. Diabetic socks will leave you comfortable in the winter as they are designed to improve circulation.

Specialised Diabetic Socks at Soles

Whether you’re living with diabetes or know someone who is experiencing complications from diabetes, we at Soles understand how uncomfortable it is having to deal with such condition. That is why we have created non-restrictive diabetic socks to alleviate pressures on the feet and leg area of anyone living with diabetes.

Made with bamboo and cotton blend, our diabetic socks for sale have all the features to keep your feet healthy. With seamless toe stitching, calf compression, reinforced heel and arch support, you can experience premium comfort when you wear our diabetic socks on the daily.

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